There’s Nothing Manly About Eating Meat

Guy 1: What are you eating, bro?

Guy 2: A veggie burger.

Guy 1: Dude, that’s so…gay.

Many of our male readers out there who opt to reduce or eliminate animal products from their diet have likely come across criticism that eating meat is manly and that avoiding it infers something about their masculinity. It doesn’t matter that world-renowned male athletes like Brendan Brazier are vegans. As is celebrity Alec Baldwen, NFL star Tony Gonzalez, and all of the members of the punk rock band Rise Against. It also doesn’t matter that the New York Times profiled vegan bodybuilding as one of 2012’s trends.

Enter Ryan Henn. Filmed in the heart of Sin City, Ryan interviews several men for last year’s Vegans in Vegas event. The film is a few months old, but it’s still as timely as ever. “I lost over a hundred pounds,” says one man. “My eyesight corrected itself within just a few months. My diabetes went away in eight months. It was cool.”

Cool, indeed.

There’s nothing manly about eating meat from Ryan Henn on Vimeo.

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Damian King lives in Florida but would like it known that he is 40 years younger than the average resident in his community. Damian enjoys all ocean sports except for eating sushi. Let's just say, Finding Nemo was a traumatizing experience.

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