Are You Woman Enough for the Toughest Mudder?

A woman with a dietary secret wins the world’s toughest marathon.

If you want to keep your self-esteem, click here. But if you wanted to start the new year off feeling woefully inadequate, keep reading.

You’ve probably heard about the Tough Mudder competitions that take place across the world, based on an obstacle course designed by the British Special Forces. These courses, which operate sort of like marathons in hell, involve things like flaming cars, live electric wires, barbed wire and underwater tunnels.

If you survive the regular competitions, you then get the honor to compete in the “Toughest Mudder” and be crowned the world’s reigning champion. In December, 42-year-old California resident Juliana Sproles finished the 24-hour race, essentially earning the right to name herself the world’s toughest, most hardcore woman.

But she didn’t celebrate the grueling race by chugging a whey protein shake. No, because Juliana Sproles is a vegan.

Those must be some special radioactive carrots or something. Read more on VegNews.

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