Product of the Week: Magical Bar Soap

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Because bar soap is more ubiquitous in your bathroom than a Kardashian on cable TV, it’s so very easy to take it for granted. But you probably shouldn’t. Most of the bar soap products on store shelves are pumped full of dyes, chemicals, artificial perfumes and other nasty stuff that, over time, can dry out and damage your skin. Hello, premature wrinkles!

While Dr. Bronner’s magic soap bars — no, really, they’re labeled “magic” — may first catch your eyes for their text-heavy, messy labeling, a second glance reveals just how awesome these soap bars are. The ingredient list boasts all-natural, organic and fair trade stuff like coconut oil and jojoba oil, while it also proudly displays PETA’s “Not Animal Tested” logo. Good for my skin, good for the bunny rabbits, good enough for me!

Plus, the numerous available scents, like citrus orange and lavender, are as refreshingly clean as the ingredients. Cruelty-free soap has never smelled or felt so good!

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