How to Stop Manifesting Your Fear

Meditation at yoga classHave you ever noticed that sometimes, our greatest fears often come true? Or that our pessimistic attitude is accurate? “Ugh, I knew when I woke up this morning that today would be awful,” you may have muttered to yourself recently after having a bad day.

See, it’s not because we are right in fearing that something bad will happen. Rather, our attitude pervades everything we do and we subconsciously end up working to make our fears happen — pouring so much energy and time into our fear and negativity that we actually cause it to manifest itself in reality.

Take this as an example: The young man who’s afraid of being alone in life. Thus, he latches onto any relationship with an iron grip, often emotionally suffocating his partners/friendships/lovers so much that he drives them away because he appears needy and has yet to learn how to be satisfied and happy with himself. Thus, his fear of being alone becomes true, creating a self-perpetuating cycle. Failed friendships and loves stoke his fear, on and on.

Or, try a more materialistic example: The woman who’s afraid of losing her job. Thus, her body image takes on a certain standoff-ish posture; her attitude at office meetings shifts ever so slightly; the way she interacts with her coworkers, and more importantly her boss, becomes defensive or angry or guarded. All these things create an unfavorable aura around her that leads to complaints from her colleagues, frustrations from her boss and, ultimately, dismissal.

The mind’s power is evident everywhere. Even pharmaceutical companies know this, with researchers carefully monitoring the power of placebo where fake drugs can often be just as effective, if not more effective, than the pills with active medicine in them.

What can you do? You can either scream “holy s#!*” or take a “holy shift.” Be aware of the fears you hold and the actions those fears may lead to. Be aware of the anxieties you possess, the negative energy and frustrations you may contain within your sphere of influence. Then, allow them to shift. Fear is real and fear is tangible, but you know what’s also very real? Your ability to shift this energy into a positive space.

How to holy-shift your way out of fear:

There are many ways. Try…

  • …Simply acknowledging it. Often, we bury our fear under denial and compartmentalize it away. This doesn’t help us overcome it.  When you notice a fearful thought or a worried, anxious idea enter your mind, acknowledge it. Say to yourself, “I am fearful of losing my job” or “I am worried about my child’s health.” Sometimes, simply by acknowledging a buried, anxious thought, you release that thought and it dissipates.
  • …Taking a small mental step to the left or right. Worries, fears and anxious thoughts are often like a big, fat red target in your mind’s eye. By taking a mental step to the side, you can get a glimpse of what’s behind that big target blocking your vision. Try and find something in that situation that gives you courage and boldness. In the science of neuroplasticity, scientists acknowledge that we retrain and rewire our mental thought patterns constantly. Shift your attention constantly to a positive truth in what seems like a negative situation, and every day you’ll shift yourself toward greater joy.
  • …Allowing others to help carry your burden. When we are fearful or anxious, we often feel like we’re alone in our struggle. Having a new voice speak into the dark space can open it up with fresh air and renewing light. This could be a therapist, a spouse or a trusted friend. Knowing that someone else is helping you face a fearful moment can suddenly give you courage and boldness.
  • …Letting it go into the universe itself. Often, we simply feel overwhelmed. There are situations around us that are sometimes bigger than humanity itself. Many people find themselves invigorated when they plug into the divine. Christians often talk about casting their burdens to God and allowing him to handle it. You could also invoke the support of your angel guides and spirit guardians who are always around you, protecting you and offering you a clear path through the madness. Try this classic prayer from the Catholic Church: Angel of God, my guardian dear to whom God’s love commits me here. Ever this day/night be at my side to light, to guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

Remember, there is NOTHING wrong with feeling worried or anxious. It’s a natural response to many of the things that happen in our lives. But don’t let your fear rule you, and most importantly, don’t let your fear manifest itself. Instead, use your power of manifestation to create the fruits of the spirit: joy and happiness and peace!

In the end, trust yourself and trust the journey. You’ve got this!

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Joshua Duvauchelle is a writer and editor specializing in health and wellness topics. He earned a nutrition certificate from Cornell University in 2011, although his passion for fitness started when he was five and his parents told him carrots were a dessert. In his spare time, you can usually find Josh at a Bikram studio in Vancouver.

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